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Assurance in a changing world

The effects of intensification, pollution and climate change are increasing. Society is looking to both private and governmental organisations to do their part to combat this. Research shows that consumers and employees are attracted to organisations that understand their environmental impact and take meaningful action to reduce it. Let me help you make an environmental claim or carbon declaration with confidence.


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It has been a while since I have had an active website but I have been busy behind the scenes supporting New Zealand’s leading organisations.  I thought it was time to be more visible online so I can have a greater impact and also build the profile of environmental and carbon auditing as a rewarding career. How can I help you?

Let me support you with a personalised approach


Are you or your team struggling to keep up to date with changing legislative requirements and compliance obligations? Let me update you monthly.

Greenhouse gas (carbon) verification

Do you require a greenhouse gas (carbon footprint) verification? I can provide a verification for your organisation or product in line with international standards.


Do you want to make a credible marketing claim? I deliver a range of environmental assurance services that back up your environmental claims and carbon declarations.


"We have experience in both small and complex footprints in both compliance and voluntary schemes in New Zealand, Australia and overseas. With the current pandemic we are focusing on the New Zealand market. Recent clients include tourism, food processing, aged care, fishing, freight, fitness, financial services, government and engineering consultancy. Our work is based on referrals after a job well done so I can put you in touch with someone to hear directly about their experience with working with us".

Jeska McHugh (Director, McHugh & Shaw)

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I provide a seamless start to finish independent verification service. Our team are professional, experienced and personable.

Our independent verification services include:

    • Organisational GHG inventories (ISO 14064-1, GHG Protocol)
    • Carbon Neutral Government Programme Supplier List
    • Carbon product footprints (ISO 14067)
    • Carbon footprints for events and services
    • Certification schemes such as Ekos
    • Verification Protocols ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14066

Environmental assurance


I provide a range of environmental assurance services:

    • Environmental Choice Ecolabel (via the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust)
    • Sub-contract assessment services (e.g., ISO 14001 to Conformity Assessment Bodies)
    • Evaluation of legal compliance (due diligence and ISO 14001)
    • Product stewardship assessment
    • Design of internal audit programmes
    • Design of audit and certification programmes
    • Technical experts
    • Independent and technical reviewers

Compliance updates


I will keep you up to date with our monthly subscription service* covering what you need to know from:

    • Territorial Authorities
    • Regional Councils
    • Central Government and Commissions
    • Voluntary Standards

This service provides updates and information on current consultations by relevant agencies. This service is ideal for environmental consultants, anyone with environmental responsibilities within an organisation, engineers and industry bodies.

* This service does not cover farming or farm services. We currently cover Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury regions.

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